Clear Glaze Base

Behlen Heavy Bodied Glazing Stain is specially formulated
for extended workability, and ease of application.
The thick viscosity enables the finisher to create a faux,
marbleized, or custom multicolored glazed finish effects.

• Glaze will enhance and define moulding and carved areas in furniture and woodwork.
• Glaze may slightly adjust tone, add a color cast, or the effect
of age, especially in a classic finishing schedule.
• Highlights or blends in colored areas may be achieved by applying thin coats
• Heavier coats may be necessary to achieve antique, grain or marbleized effects.
Glaze however should not be used to darken or shift the basic tonal density of an existing color; a lacquer toner is better suited to adding an overall darker tone or color shift to a finish.

Heavy Bodied Glazing Stain Base may be tinted or colored with any color or a blend of the Behlen Master Colors, Japan Colors in Oil, or any compatible oil based colorant.
The colorants should not exceed 26 ounces per gallon of Glaze Base.
This pigment free base may also be used to extend or lighten the color
of the Behlen Shading & Glazing Stains.
This material is NOT formulated for use on bare wood but should be used after the wood is sealed with a sanding sealer or gloss coat.

• Mix well before using.
• Add up to 20% of Behlen Master Color or compatible oil colorant to create desired shade.
• This product is formulated for use ONLY over a SEALED SURFACE.

• Surface should be sealed prior to application.
• Sand to at least 220 grit smoothness.
• Remove all oils, dust and grime from surface.

1. Apply Glazing Stain with rag, brush or pad.
2. After allowing 3-5 minutes for glaze to set up,
begin removing unwanted Glazing Stain with clean brush, rag or steel wool pad.
2a. Minimize harsh lines and enhance glaze effect with a softener or glaze brush
3. Once desired effect is achieved, allow to dry for 1-2 hours prior to topcoating.
4. See topcoat label for finish application information.
NOTE: For best results, top coat within 6 hours
............................................(crazing could result otherwise).

Clean up: Mineral Spirits / Paint Thinner.

Heavy Body Glaze
NATURAL/ Clear Base
# B504-0006 - Quart Can

available from:
Wood Finish Supply •• Shellac.net