Woodturner’s Finish

BEHLEN™ Woodturner’s Finish takes away the worry of finishing raw unfinished and under finished turned surfaces.and ends the problem of finishing round wooden objects.

Great for finishing:

• Wooden Turnings • Spindles
• Lamp Bases • Pool Cues • Wood Candle Sticks
• Woodturner’s Finish (and a white cloth)
applies a high sheen finish while the project is still on the lathe.

Features / Advantages:
BEHLEN™ Woodturner’s Finish is a ready to use shellac and resin based formula. It is a easy to use
(pad on application), and was especially formulated for finishing round wood objects on the lathe.
BEHLEN™ Woodturner’s Finish develops a high sheen and rejuvenates most any cured finish.

To Apply BEHLEN Woodturner’s Finish --

MIX WELL before using!
Woodturner’s Finish is a ready to use product. However, on raw wood one may use up to 50% Behlen Behkol or 710 Solvent for better penetration when building the initial coat(s) of finish.

1. New wood (cured finish) should be sanded to 360 grit smoothness.

2. Remove all dust and grime with tack cloth or vacuum hose.

3. Use a lint free white cloth shaped into a
firm hand size pad.

4. Apply enough Woodturner’s Finish to dampen the pad. Then flatten the pad against the palm of your hand to insure equal distribution of finish.

5. As the wooden object slowly rotates in the lathe, slowly move the pad across the surface with a firm, not hard, pressure. (Note: on raw wood the pad may need to be rewetted at least once)

6. Once the surface has been uniformly coated
(do not flood), stop lathe and allow at least a one (1) hour dry time.

7. If additional coats are desired or needed due to uneven sheen (possibly caused by wood
absorption) follow steps 3 through 6.

8. If a higher sheen is desired, use the dried application pad as a buffing cloth, apply firm pressure and slowly move across the surface while the finished piece slowly rotates in the lathe.

9. Allow the piece to set in a warm (72°F) dust free environment overnight to allow for proper curing.

If a dull effect is desired use 4/0 steel wool
or nylon mesh pad after the finish has cured.

Clean up:

Use H. Behlen Behkol or 710 Solvent.

Safety Cautions
Contents are FLAMMABLE.
Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame.
During use and until all vapors are gone,
keep area well ventilated.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Wash hands after using.
Keep container closed when not in use.
Do not transfer contents to other containers
for storage.


Woodturner’s Lathe Finish # B611-08885
Available In: 16 oz. bottle.

available from:

Wood Finish Supply

Napa, CA

This Page: http://www.woodfinishsupply.com/Behlenturners.html