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    Liming, a Limed Wood Finish

    also known as Pickled or "Whitewash"

This is a traditional wax finish for decorative furniture and wood surfaces,
(not recommended for kitchen or bath cabinets
or surfaces exposed to water or steam).

An ordinary object or piece of furniture can be easily be made
into a interesting piece using a limed or "whitewashed " finish.

Materials needed:

  • Liming Wax
  • Clear Futniture wax
  • Bronze Brush
  • Tack Cloths
  • Wood Dye, if you choose to colour the piece.
  • & Clean Cotton Rags

First, make a test in an inconspicuous area ? or on a small panel to test colour and results.

1. Open the grain of hardwood such as oak or ash with a bronze brush to enhance the effect. On softwood such as pine where there is little grain this step can be omitted. In these cases you will be using the actual shape of mouldings to collect the colour rather than the grain to achieve a limed finish.

2. Wipe clean with a tack cloth, a resin coated cloth which attracts dust and leaves the surface cleaner even than a vacuum or air gun.

3. Colouring greatly enhances the contrast between the liming wax and the wood. Use water Dye Concentrates or water Anilines, available in a large range of wood colours or bright primary and secondary colours.

4. When applying wood dyes, apply thoroughly into the wood and be sure to wipe off all the excess dye left on the surface.

5. Allow the dye to completely dry (usually overnight) and apply a coat of liming wax. working it well into the grain with extra fine, oil and grease free, #0000 Steelwool.

6. Immediately remove most of the excess with a clean cotton rag, turning the rag over to new surfaces as the cloth gets clogged up with wax.

7. Allow the liming wax 5 minutes or so to dry and set. Remove the excess white from the surface with Clear Furniture wax (or Finishing Oil for more moisture resistance). Remove any extra leaving only a thin film of wax or oil to dry for 3 or 4 hours.

8. Finally; apply a second thin coat of wax, or oil (followed after 4 hours drying with a coat of wax). Allow a few hours for the wax to dry and buff with the furniture buffing brush and a soft cotton cloth for a lustrous sheen finish.

The information presented here is based upon carefully conducted laboratory testing and is believed to be accurate.
However, results cannot be guaranteed and it is suggested that customers confirm results before use.
We accept no responsibility for the results obtained by the use of this product.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing we sell this product without warranty and
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end: Liming, a Limed Wood Finish

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