NGR Dyes

• UV Resistant • Quick Drying
• Translucent

Behlen Solar-Lux is a highly
Fade and U.V. resistant
Non Grain Raising Dye stain.

Solar-Lux penetration and translucency helps to enhance the wood’s natural grain pattern.

Solar-Lux colors may be intermixed
to achieve customized colors and shades.

Solar-Lux can be mixed into Behlen nitrocellulose spray Lacquers to produce shading and highlighting toners.

Solar-Lux dries in approximately one
hour and accepts a finish coat of varnish, polyurethane, oil or conventional or waterborne lacquer.

Solar-Lux Directions:

Finish sand wood surfaces to 220 - 280 grit, clean, dry, and free of sanding dust.

Apply to BareWood. Behlen Solar-Lux can be applied by spray, brush or wiped on. Application should be consistent and wet to achieve uniform color. Stain should be applied with the grain and then wiped with a clean lint-free cloth. All Behlen Solar-Lux dyes can be intermixed to achieve a variety of cshades.

Overcoat after one hour with solvent based finishes. Allow overnight drying prior to overcoating with Behlen water base finishes.

Solar-Lux Stain is formulated to be used without reduction. If a less intense shade is desired, use Solar-Lux Reducer to reduce color density or to lighten the color tone.

To extend the drying time, promote penetration, or to help eliminate possible lapping marks, use up to 10% of Solar-Lux Retarder.

5-7% of Behlen Solar-Lux dye can be mixed into Nitrocellulose Lacquers and Sealers to produce shading lacquers and sealers.

Soapy warm water or Solar-Lux Reducer should be used to clean up equipment.


Non Grain Raising Wood Dye

DYE Available in: #5 - Pt., #6 - Qt,

REDUCER: #6 - Qt.

RETARDER: #6 - Qt., #5 - Pt.

Dye Color Product #
Black Jet B503-01A4
Blue Sea B503-6A30
Brown Nutmeg B503-6A26
Brown Van Dyke B503-650
Cherry B503-6A40
Fruitwood Golden B503-4A56
Green Dark B503-08A7
Hlckory B503-6A28
Mahog. Lt. Brn. B503-3A10
Mahog. Light Red B503-3A12
Mahog. Med. Brn. B503-3A13
Mahog. Med. Red B503-3A11
Maple Brown B503-660
Oak Golden B503-670
Red Blood B503-3A28
Walnut American B503-6A23
Walnut Med. Brn. B503-6A20
Wheat Medium B503-07A3
Yellow Lemon B503-09A1

Solar-Lux Dyes
Available in: #5 .. Pt, #6 .. Qt,

REDUCER: #6 ... Qt,
to lighten the color tone.

RETARDER: #5 ... Pt.
extend the drying time, promote penetration.

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